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Visual FX

Whether collaborating with other production companies or working on our own projects, we've created pre-vis, VFX, CGI and animated visuals for music videos and films.

Clean Bandit - Everything But You 

Dir. Eric Myers & Jack Patterson

In collaboration with VFX supervisor Gino Fernandez, we created the falling and flying sequences for this music video about finding hope during difficult times. We provided pre-vis to synchronise the stunt and camera teams. Where possible, we opted to shoot live action plates via drone rather than creating CG environments to keep the narrative section of the video grounded in reality. For the alien planet we created a CGI alien landscape for the green screen band set up.

Nova Twins - Choose Your Fighter

Dir. Harry Lindley
Wanderland Films

We created a detailed video game inspired universe that sees the Twins hopping between worlds fighting bad guys.

We made digi-doubles of Amy and Georgia to stand in during the more acrobatic moments by combining photogrammetry scans with modelled accessories.

Regard, Raye - Secrets

Dir. Harry Lindley
Electric Light Studios

This video needed to visually nod to Regard's previous release Ride It, but with Regard stuck in Australia and Raye in lockdown in the UK, our shooting options were limited. We developed a storyline that has Regard re-visiting CG versions of the Ride It locations and that culminates in a car chase on a busy highway.

Morrison - Gulag

Dir. Ryan Adagio, Morrisson & Harry James
Maison incorporated Limited, Charlotte Borg & Luke The-Shirt

For this Call of Duty inspired music video, the directors wanted as much carnage as possible. We added explosions, jet planes, fires, muzzle flashes, water squibs, and then few more explosions for good measure.

Don Broco - Fingernails

Dir. Harry Lindley

For this animated video, Don Broco wanted an action packed Robot vs. Dinosaurs storyline set on a distant planet. We rigged and animated hoards of raptors to dismember the robot army, and used procedural techniques to generate a densely populated battlefield seemingly frozen-in-time.

Primitive Futurism

Dir. Harry Lindley & Alex Massek
Wanderland Films & Ampersand Media

Commissioned by Pap Magazine, this short film features two fashionable aliens surviving on a deserted Earth. Shot on the south coast of England, we augmented the location photography with sci-fi VFX elements including physics simulations, levitations and a CG forest fire.

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